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What are the 7 levels of leadership consciousness

To retain and attract top talent, leaders must consciously build and maintain a culture of dedication, empowerment, and inclusion. Conscious businesses promote a new type of people-centred leadership by creating the best professional environment and motivating employees to achieve the

Some hard facts about soft skills

Soft skills is a combination of interpersonal skills, social skills, communication skills, personality or personality characteristics, attitude, mentality, professional attributes, social intelligence and emotional intelligence, which enables people to control the environment, cooperate well with others, perform well, and achieve

Which is more important? Hard skills or soft skills?

Hard Skills

Like computer hardware, they are external, visible to everyone, or easily felt, for examples:

  • Intelligence level, whether smart or not;
  • Professional knowledge, such as computer technology and business experience;
  • Logical analysis ability, whether the thinking is thorough and

The Top Skills of Effective Leadership

Are you a good leader? No matter any organization, enterprise, unit, department, group or team, the leadership is the key to deciding the outcome. That’s why leaders get paid more than others. According to a Gallup’s study, 65% of employees