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Use 6 good habits to communicate better

We’ve discovered that effective cooperation is built on trust. Lack of trust, no other skills can assist you. You will vastly increase the efficiency of your team’s communication by establishing a base of trust and developing some key communication skills


Staying Active

Busy lives and digital working environments in this modern environment that encourage long hours of sitting around the clock (driving home from the office, sitting at the desk, watching in front of the monitor) lead many people to give low


Water Crisis

Water is essential for all forms of life. Although water does not provide calories or organic nutrients, it plays an important role in our world. It is the center of all life.

“When the well’s dry, we know the worth


Cupcakes Timeline

As an old-fashioned dessert, cupcakes have the freedom and joy of Americans. Through continuous improvement and innovation, they have become a synonym for a new round of fashionable food. Cup cake has a long history. They were invented in 1828

Working with Layout Compartments in VP InfoART

Layout is always an important factor in the artwork design. With Visual Paradigm InfoART layout control you can specify the layout of your artwork and then fit in your design elements. The size of elements will automatically adjusted according to …

Create Business Card in 4 Minutes

A step-by-step guide to create business card by using Visual Paradigm InfoART. VP InfoART is an all-in-one online design platform for non-designers to create various artwork and printables. With VP InfoART you can create beautiful business cards in minutes, not …