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How To Create A Candlestick

What Is A Candlestick

Candlestick chart, which is also called K-line, is a kind of financial chart. It is usually used to show movement of data like currency or price of derivatives. Red and green are used to show whether …

How To Create A Pyramid Chart

What Is A Pyramid Chart

A pyramid chart, as its name implies, has the same shape as a pyramid. This chart is easy to understand and consists of horizontal sections of different heights, representing different quantities and percentages. Other than …

Change Symbols of Line Chart

When creating line chart, we can do lots of customization on it, including the color, lines, size, etc. Moreover, we can change the symbol of the chart. This article will show you how to do it.

How To Change Symbols

Find Out Similar Animated Elements

When creating animated flipbook, instead of adding animation effects to different text and images, we can also choose to add animated shapes. There are now 1000+ pre-made animated shapes in the library of VP Online. In this article, you can …

Create A Grouped Column And Line Chart

What Is A Grouped Column And Line Chart

Grouped column And Line chart is a kind of combined chart consisted in grouped column chart and line chart. A line chart is placed on the top of a grouped column chart …

Share My Flipbook Via Facebook

Flipbook maker of VP Online support creation of flipbook from stretch and conversion from other documents to flipbook. After online flipbook is created, we can share it with others through the internet, including Facebook. In this article, we will show …

How To Create A Rose Chart

What Is A Rose Chart

Rose chart shows data in 360 degrees with a shape of a compass. Is is commonly divided into 8 to 16 parts to show geography data. With different size and colors, we can see the …

Change Units In Diagram

Sometimes when doing creation, we may need to design with specific units. In the design tool of Visual Paradigm Online, we are allowed to change the unit as Points (pt), Inches(“) and Millimeters (mm).

How To Change The Units In