Inbound marketing is a business methodology that attracts clients by creating tailored content and experiences that are valuable and non-disruptive, is a way to concentrate on engaging customers through relevant content. You are found by prospective customers via channels such as websites, blogs, search engines, emails, and social media instead of cold calling, flyers and etc.

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Outbound vs Inbound Marketing

While outbound marketing disrupts your customers with content they don’t always want, inbound marketing forms the connections they’re looking for and solves the problems they already have. Inbound marketing does not need to constantly fight for the attention of prospective customers, it doesn’t burden consumers or annoy people. As a result, inbound marketing drives higher quality leads, giving this strategy a higher ROI than outbound marketing.

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Inbound vs Outbound Banner

Four marketing stages

An effective inbound marketing campaign has four stages, each of which is critical to the success of your inbound marketing campaign. They include Attract, Convert, Close, and Delight. Let’s take some time to explore each one in more detail.

Attract: Bringing the proper traffic by specially designed material on your website. For example, you can focus on delivering useful content to customers, so that you put yourself within the business as an expert and opinion leader.

Convert: If the attraction phase is applied correctly, you can drive more potential customers to your website. But not everyone who came to your website is ready to buy. They may not want to talk to the sales to get a quote. Therefore, it is necessary to effectively promote them through inbound marketing Funnel, you need to collect some information about them.

Close: When prospective buyers become customers, the potential customers have gotten to the point that they feel that you are an expert in your niche and believe that the only solution to their concerns is your product or service. Email marketing is a good way to promote the purchasing process to turn future clients into clients.

Delight: It is vital to please customers! If you continue to build relationships with existing customers through inbound marketing, you will create brand advocates and repeat customers. But surprisingly, most organizations do not pay enough attention to the joyful phase of inbound marketing. Once the sales are successful, marketing is seem to be not necessary!  

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Four marketing stages

Present Nice Inbound Marketing Methodology with Infographic

There are many different styles of infographic presents the inbound marketing mythology, you can choose one template that is most suitable for your presentation:

  • Make your presentation simple and concise
  • Customize the text and color theme as appropriate
Steps to Four marketing stages

Steps to Four marketing stages