Are you a good leader? No matter any organization, enterprise, unit, department, group or team, the leadership is the key to deciding the outcome. That’s why leaders get paid more than others. According to a Gallup’s study, 65% of employees who leave actually want to leave their boss instead of the organization. Subordinates are lazy and unfocused often caused by their supervisor.

Are you a good leader? Regardless of any organization, enterprise, unit, Department, group or team, leadership is the key to success or failure. That’s why leaders are paid more than others. According to a Gallup study, 65% of employees who resign actually want to leave the boss rather than the company. The laziness and inattention of subordinates are usually caused by their superiors.

Why Do Employees Lose Interest and Leave Their Jobs?

  • No.1: Disrespect
  • No.2: No participation in decision-making
  • No.3: Opinions are belittled
  • No.4: The effort doesn’t match the reward
  • No.5: Salary issues

The Top Skills of Effective Leadership

The Top Five Skills for Effective Leadership

In the first three points above, supervisors should take direct responsibility.
Do you always treat your subordinates as obedient pieces,

  • Think that everything is under your control,
  • Like to give subordinates “command” and “control” everything.
  • Like you, they have aspirations, dreams and loved ones. They want to prove their importance and hope to have enough respect. Excellent managers are always rare. Although some people are born leaders, most of them still need to be learned.

Here are five leadership skills to make you a successful leader.