To retain and attract top talent, leaders must consciously build and maintain a culture of dedication, empowerment, and inclusion. Conscious businesses promote a new type of people-centred leadership by creating the best professional environment and motivating employees to achieve the best performance. By doing so, we can reap the rewards of highly engaged employees and increase efficiency and profitability.

What are the 7 levels of leadership consciousness

The Characteristics of Self-aware Leaders

Conscious leaders usually have the following 5 characteristics:

  • Able to foster strengths and circumvent weaknesses
  • Know how feelings affect action and, in turn, performance
  • Transparency, authenticity — actions that align with values
  • Able to distinguish between reality and subjective bias
  • Be aware of your emotional state and be aware of whether your judgment is being influenced by your emotions

What are the 7 levels of leadership consciousness 1

7 Levels of Leadership Consciousness

Only when leaders have a deep understanding of their own abilities, talents, and weaknesses can they truly understand how they affect their performance and how their actions affect their stakeholders.

Conscious leaders take a holistic view of the enterprise, knowing that their stakeholders are not only colleagues within the enterprise, but also suppliers, partners, customers, shareholders, the market, and the external environment in which the enterprise operates.

Conscious leaders are honest, authentic, curious, open, and responsible. Take these seven levels to quickly get on your way to becoming a conscious leader.

What are the 7 levels of leadership consciousness