Boolean operations can make two or more shapes interact to produce different shapes. Compound shapes are the result of so-called Boolean operations. Results are fully editable at all times. All shapes will retain their special properties, such as rounded corners or sides. Compound shapes are also known as Boolean groups. Visual Paradigm Online graphic editor provides powerful features that let you reshape objects. We support combine, substract, intersect, exclude and divide shapes. You can customize the shape that you want. This video will show you how to exclude shapes.


Exclude Shapes

When editing your design, you can set exclude to multiple shapes. Exclude means making the overlapped region disappear while keeping the originally selected shapes intact.

  1. Simply select the shapes then go to Settings Panel, Arrange, Shape Modes, and select exclude.

    Exclude Shapes

  2. After that, the overlapping part of selected shapes will be excluded.

Non-destructive option

When excluding shapes, you can switch on the non-destructive option. Then, after you exclude the shape, you can still allow yourself to restore the excluded shapes later on.

Separate the shapes

If you have switched on the non-destructive option, after you exclude the shape, it will allow you to restore the excluded shapes later on.

Right-click the combined shapes, and select expand shape, the shape will be separated back to the original shapes.

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