Some PDF files are locked to restrict functions such as printing or editing. Protected PDF is often used in order to safeguard your data. For example: bank statement, invoices, or a phone bill may contain private and sensitive information. Therefore it is best to protect these documents with a password. Once the document is unlocked the receiver of the PDF file will be able to make any changes to the PDF or access the document’s data.

But once you have obtained the password to unlock these documents how do you open them without applying a password every time? And what if the situation changes and you no longer need the password protection or restriction on writing and editing functions?

How to unlock your PDF Online

We will show you how to unlock a pdf with VP Online PDF Editor.
Step 1: Upload the protected PDF

Step 2: Once you have finished editing

  • Click “Export”
  • “Save as PDF”

Step 3: Go to Document Properties -> Security -> Document Security

Make all the necessary change regarding the permission and restrictions for this PDF.  Then press OK and Export.

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