Zen is both a disciplined activity in which we can understand the pleasure of life, our true nature revealing itself moment by moment, and anything we do. It’s not a system of religion to which one converts. No dogma or ideology! Zen is the actual perception of what we might call the definitive or absolute truth. Zen often involves meditation practice – a way of realizing the non-dualistic, vibrant, subtle, and interconnected nature of all life.

Are you interested in a Zen lifestyle concept, but can’t imagine how hard to do it? Here’s how to embrace a lifestyle that promotes well-being but does not entail something too drastic.

  • Start the day early and with love
  • Note insights
  • Keep a gratitude journal
  • Practice mindfulness
  • De-stress in a peaceful surroundings and environment
  • Eat more vegetable
  • Listen more, speak less
  • Make peace with your inner voice
  • Forgive
  • Consume good energy