PDF is a file format developed by Adobe in 1992, and can be displayed on different devices and readers at the same time. PDF is still one of the common file formats used today, and there are many benefits of using PDF. Let’s learn more about it!

5 Advantages of Using PDF Files

5 Advantages of Using PDF Files


We can set a password for the PDF so that we can protect our files from being corrupted by hackers and unauthorized persons. In addition, we can also set limited access rights for it, for example, whether the PDF is editable or not.


PDF allows us to integrate different types of content in it. Not only text, but also images, animations, videos and audio. As technology improves, we can add more and more content, such as 3D models and buttons. Design your PDFs the way you like and use them for different purposes.


PDFs are always formatted the same way. We can share and read them on any device or system, while the components inside the PDF are not distorted, which is a big problem for some other formats. Many tools now allow us to save files as PDFs, so it is becoming more and more widely used.


PDF is a good format for us to use when the file size is limited. This is because PDFs, which are allowed to contain an unlimited amount of content, can be compressed to a smaller size without affecting the quality of the content inside. To exchange documents more easily, people are usually willing to use PDFs.


Because of various reason such as the size limitation,  many people choose to save their documents in PDFs, which are originally non-editable. Many tools now allow us to make simple edits to them, such as adding or removing parts of them, or searching for what we need from the content. Some tools can even detect the text on it so that we can edit the content in more detail.

VP Online Free PDF Editor

As mentioned above, some tools help us edit PDF, making it more and more widely used. VP Online Free PDF Editor is one of the best choices for you to edit PDF to meet your needs.

Upload your own PDF to the editor and start edition!

Words on the PDF are detected and editable. Customize it and improve your work.
Other elements, such as images and tables, can be added to the page to enrich your works.

Cloud storage is provides for you to store PDFs online.
You can check and edit them at any time.