Dealing with many hard copies documents or textual images can be a real pain and here is why you need to use OCR. So, what is OCR? OCR is the process of converting non-editable digital copies into editable text documents is known as OCR. The text in the photos, and PDFs can be changed without manually retyping it. It is a program that quickly transforms these files into text versions that can be edited. For example, when you receive an electronic image of a registration form, turn it into a completely editable file using optical character recognition (OCR) so you can quickly update its text. Right now you can use VP Online PDF Editor if you would like to turn any digital images into editable files!    


Let’s get in the dept about why we should use OCR in our work!

1. Save Time & Money

5 Reasons to Use OCR
By reducing paperwork, OCR technology allows you to save a significant amount of time and money.  In fact, a large portion of the data handled by businesses is still on paper. Searching and filing the paper document will take up a lot of manpower and time, which can be extremely cost-inefficient. The best solution is to scan all the paper documents and turn them into digital data instantly.

2. Conserve Space

No doubt, after scanning the paper documents into your database the paper documents will no longer have any use in the future. You can free up a lot of office space that was previously occupied by stacks of paper documents. With the help of OCR, you can digitalize all of your paper documents and free up some space in your office.

3. Make Editing Simple

OCR will make your business operation run with more flexibility. As changes are unavoidable, you never know if what you have in hand is out of date or not…but with OCR you can always convert those immutable files into editable text documents and update those outdated documents on the fly. This means you won’t have to start from scratch if you need to make changes to a document. Instead, you can only change the part that needs to be improved.

4. Make your Files Searchable

The information contained within the paper documents and textual images is not searchable or editable. This type of information will definitely have negative impacts on your ability to target particular information and slow down your workflow. OCR technology allows you to convert that frozen information into searchable data. This means that OCR allows you to find specific information in your documents that can be copied and pasted into other applications.

5. Avoid Human Mistakes

As long as you are a Human you will make mistakes. Technically, errors are unavoidable in work, hence it is best to always have alternative options in changing your content. OCR not only allows you to edit and search your immutable documents, but it also detects incorrect or misprinted data. As a result, all human errors can be proactively resolved using OCR technology because it allows you to avoid mistakes.

Do you have a bunch of redundant paper documents at your desk now? Make use of OCR technology and digitalize them into editable data. Here is the chance to try out our VP Online PDF Editor, you can scan as many textual images as you like! It is totally free and handy!