Advantages of Using PDF/A

PDF/A offers many advantages in various application areas:

Long-term preservation

PDF/A is designed for the long-term preservation of documents. It can support text files, images, vector graphics, and metadata. The standard not only allows you to archive documents but also ensures that their visual appearance and formatting remain the same even after many years. This can be used in archives, libraries, banks, insurance companies, etc.

Binding documents

You can also legally bind documents with the help of PDF/A format. ISO standards already allow for electronic signatures and other facilities in this format. This means you can use this technology to embed digitally sign documents, giving users a new way to verify that PDF files have not been altered.

Worldwide Integration

In this PDF format, you can store your content in any foreign language that supports any type of writing system worldwide. PDF/A ensures that stored information can be viewed and displayed correctly on any device in the world.

Ease of access

PDF/A is not tied to any channels and is still a PDF format, which means it can be accessed on any device that uses a PDF viewer. You can open and view PDF/A documents with various PDF viewers.

Text Search

You can find any specific text or information in a dataset. Even if one consistency level supports this feature, you can do it in scanned documents, which adds more value to archived documents.

Collaboration with other ISO standards

PDF/A provides access to various ISO standards. Each standard can cooperate with the other.

Industry acceptance

The PDF/A standard and all its substandard, including their conformance levels, have a high degree of industry acceptance. This makes PDF/A the must-have format for archiving documents. In fact, many institutions in Europe and various institutions in the United States have accepted and used this file format.


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