Create a stunning design with our intuitive online graphic design editor, which features a wide variety of features to help you create your design. This video can show you how to apply a gradient fill color to shape in the Visual Paradigm Online.

When editing your design, you can apply gradient color to an element.

Tip: Before you can style anything, you must select it. Click on a shape to select it, or hold Shift down and click on multiple shapes to select many.

  1. Select the element, then go to Settings Panel, Styles, and click the Gradient checkbox to apply a gradient fill color to the shape.

  2. You can then open the color palette to pick two colors for applying the gradient. You can choose a new color from the palette, or click + to enter a color’s precise hex code in the text box, then click Apply.

    Apply a gradient fill color to shape

  3. You can also specify the direction that which the gradient is being applied. Select the direction in which you want the fill color to change from the drop-down.