Each person may have a preference for the color theme of the design tool they use. VP Online design tool also provides 2 color theme for user to choose, which are the light theme and the dark theme. Choose the one you like and start your creation!

How To Change The Color Theme Of The Editor

On the tool bar at the bottom of the editor, there is a button of Sun/ Moon,  which represent the 2 color theme respectively. Sun represents the Light Theme while moon represents  the Dark Theme. Test both of the theme and see which one is your favorite.


Why You Need To Change The Color Theme

Other than personal preference, the style and using of color of the design is also an important point when choosing the using of theme. As you can find that the element looks different under different theme. In this case, you can also take it as a reference when picking the artworks and other elements for your design.

Change The Editor To Apply The Light / Dark Theme   

Test which one is your favorite theme and start your creation now!