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What do people do in Easter Carnival?

Easter Carnival is a celebration that is usually held to mark the Easter holiday season. The specific activities that people participate in during an Easter Carnival can vary depending on the location, but some common activities include:

  1. Easter Egg Hunts: Children typically search for Easter eggs that are hidden in various locations, and prizes are often given for finding the most eggs.
  2. Easter Parades: People often participate in festive parades, with colorful floats, music, and costumes.
  3. Crafts and Games: Many Easter Carnivals include activities such as arts and crafts stations where people can make Easter-themed items, as well as games such as egg-and-spoon races and Easter basket tosses.
  4. Food and Treats: Food is often a big part of Easter Carnival celebrations, with many people enjoying traditional Easter foods such as ham, lamb, and hot cross buns, as well as other sweet treats like Easter candy and chocolate eggs.
  5. Religious Services: Some Easter Carnivals include religious services, such as sunrise services or Easter Mass, to commemorate the religious aspects of the holiday.

These are just a few examples of the types of activities that people may participate in during an Easter Carnival. The specific activities will vary depending on the location and the cultural traditions of the area.