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Endangered Sea Turtles Infographic

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Sea turtles are endangered due to various reasons, including:

  1. Habitat loss and degradation: Sea turtles need specific habitats to nest, bask, feed and migrate, but these habitats are being destroyed by coastal development, pollution, and climate change. For example, the construction of buildings and roads on beaches can destroy sea turtle nesting sites.
  2. Illegal trade: Sea turtles and their eggs are often illegally hunted and traded for their meat, shells, and other body parts, despite being protected by international laws.
  3. Climate change: Changes in ocean temperatures and currents affect the distribution and availability of food sources for sea turtles, leading to reduced survival and reproduction rates.
  4. Fishing activities: Sea turtles are often caught accidentally as bycatch in fishing nets and longlines, leading to injuries or death.
  5. Light pollution: Artificial lighting on beaches can disorient hatchlings, leading them away from the ocean and making them vulnerable to predators or dehydration.
  6. Plastic pollution: Sea turtles mistake plastic debris for food and ingest it, leading to injuries or death.

These factors, along with others, contribute to the decline of sea turtle populations worldwide, making them endangered species that require conservation efforts to protect them.