In addition to placing elements in different layers, grouping is a very important feature that helps you manage them together.

By grouping them, you can edit the size and position of the selected elements together. Their versions will be at the same scale, which allows you to pack them just as a new element for further creation.

How To Group Multiple Shapes Together

Steps Of Grouping Multiple Shapes

You can select the shapes you want by 2 methods:

  1. Click them one by one
  2. Use rubber band to cover the shapes you want to select
    (Remember to cover the whole shape instead of part of it)

Then right-click, and choose “Group“. You can also do this by shortcut [ Ctrl + G ].

You will then find that they become a group, and there is only one border once you click it.

After that, you can edit it in a whole group, they will move and resize in the same ratio.

Select one of the element in a group

After they are grouped, does it mean that I cannot choose any shape inside before I ungroup it?
Of course, you can do so even they are grouped.

As mentioned above, there will only be one border if you click it. In this case, you only need to point to the shape that you want to select, and then click one more time, the original border will become gray dashed line and a new border of shape you chose will appear. After that, you can start your edition on the selected shape.

How To Ungroup A Group Of Shapes

If you find that you want to regroup the shapes, or you find that the group is no longer needed, you can choose to ungroup the group. Both grouping and ungroup is so easy that you can pack the shapes as you like to fit your needs.

Steps Of Ungrouping A Group Of Shapes

This time, you need to select the group first.
Then right-click, and choose “Ungroup“. You can also do this by shortcut [ Ctrl + SHIFT + G ].

You will find that they are all separated, then you can start further edition.

Group And Ungroup Multiple Shapes

Start your creation now with our tool and try to manage your design with function of grouping and ungrouping!