In Visual Paradigm Online, you can create flipbooks easily with this online design tool. You can feel free to create different kinds of flipbooks like photo books, menus, reports, and presentations with various pages that you want. You can also preview your uploaded flipbooks page by page with the flipbook maker in “My flipbooks”. The books you uploaded will be listed on that page. Sometimes, you may find it hard to find the books that you have created on the list. Here will introduce a search function of books that you can find your uploaded books by the book name. This is a tutorial for guiding you to use the search tool, you can watch the attached video or read through the guide below.

Go to “My Flipbooks”

To check out all the books you have created in Visual Paradigm Online, you can go to “my flipbooks” on the page. You can click on the “my flipbook” button on the left-hand side of your page. After clicking, a list of books will automictically appear on your page. And you can check out and preview the books you created there.

Find out the books

Sometimes, you may find it difficult to check out the books as too many books have been uploaded on “my flipbooks”. Visual Paradigm Online provides you a way to search any book that you would like to open with the searching tool. On the top right corner of the page, you can see a search box, it is a box for the reader to search for the books with keywords. Readers can fill in the box with the book’s names can find the book easily. It can reduce the time consume for finding a book on the long list of books.

How do I find a flipbook by its name?