After finishing a booklet by the flipbook maker, do you want to make it looks more attractive? Adding animation to photo is a good way to do so. This article will show you how to do so.

How To Add Animation To Photo

First of  all, click the icon at the bottom of the editor to open the animation timeline.
(Click one more time if you want to close it)

After that, select the photo you want to edit, and choose the animation for it.
When you place the mouse over the icons, there will be live preview for the selected photo.

For most of the animation, we can click the wheel on it for more option, such as the direction of the movement.

After adding the animation, we can find it in the timeline. Edit the length of it to control the speed of the animation.

Click the Play button above and play your animation.

Tips When Adding The Animation

There are some skills you can use when adding animation:

  1. When you select multi photos, you can add animation at the same position on the timeline.
  2. You can also add animation to photos in collages.