Many designers may have to made use of two to three software to get their design done and one of the most important steps is to adjust the lighting or colortone of the photo to fit in their design. Here in InfoART, our effect template can help you to twist the style of the photo in one click. In this video, you can see how to do it in a convenient way.

The methods in adjusting the photo are as follow;

How to Apply Effect on Photo?

  1. Select your photo to be edit
  2. Click “Select” to open up the effect panel
  3. Select your desire effect and click OK

If the effect is too thin or overwhelming you can also adjust as follow;

  1. Select your photo to be edit
  2. Look for the “option” button at the bottom
  3. Drag and edit any of the parameters untill satify

Would your like to try out our effect template now? Click here !!!