For creating books in Visual Paradigm Online, you can preview design pages side by side with the double-page function. Sometimes, you may need to design images or texts that will go across two pages. There is an easy-to-use page combine function that allows you to stick two pages altogether on your book design. You can read through the steps below for learning how to combine two pages with just a click.

1. When you are currently at the double-page view, you will see a grey-colored icon in the middle of the two design pages. It is a “Combine” icon that you can just simply click for combined two pages at once.

How to combine two pages into one?

2. After clicked, the two individual pages will then be combined as one automatically. You can now design images and texts across two pages freely. If you want to split those pages back, you can simply click the grey-colored icon one more time at the top of the design page.