The 100% cumulative bar chart is a type of Excel chart intended to display the relative percentages of multiple data series in a cumulative bar, where the sum (cumulative) of the cumulative bars always equals 100%. A bar chart stacked at 100% can show the ratio of part to total, for a period of time. Create charts easily with Visual Paradigm Online. In this video, you can see how to create a column and line chart in VP Online.

The steps is as follow:

  1. Click on charts panel on the left and select 100% stacked column chart
    How to create a 100% stacked column chart?
  2. Drag the chart into your canvas and adjust the size
  3. Click on chart panel on “your right” and select edit data
  4. Replace the old data with your own data
  5. Edit your chart style in cluding the chart color and font
  6. Finalise your chart and save

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