Are you having a hard time reading all the text? Here is why, we provide Text-to-Speech functions in our flipbook maker. Would you like to make use of the Text-to-Speech functions now? Create a flipbook design easily with Visual Paradigm Online. In this video, you can see how to read out a flipbook with Text-to-Speech in VP Online.

The steps are as follow;

  1. Hover over your flipbook and select “share”
  2. After the “sharing dialogue” appear, then click on “Setting”
  3. Switch on the “Text to Speech” function
    How to Read Out a Flipbook with Text to Speech
  4. Open up the preview panel to try out the function
  5. Click on the “glasses icon” at the bottom of the preview panel
  6. All the content will be converted to text
  7. Click on the “page switch” icon and select the ideal “dubbing language” and voice volume

Would you like to try out this function with our flipbook maker? Click here !!!