In Visual Paradigm Online, you can publish your own designed flipbook online for reading. Sometimes you may want to make changes and update your flipbook after it has been published. With the tool Visual Paradigm online, you are allowed to update your design of a published flipbook in a fast way. You do not have to republish your designed flipbook again for reading. Here is a tutorial for guiding you to update the changes of the flipbook with a few steps. You can watch the attached video or read the guide below.

Make changes to your flipbook

You can first open your flipbook in the Visual Paradigm Online editor, then make any changes that you want in the editor. Take this flipbook as an example, an image from the first page of the flipbook is changed from one to another. You can make any changes to your flipbook freely as usual.

Click on the “Update flipbook” button

After finishing making changes to your flipbook, you can then click on the “Update flipbook” button in the upper right corner of your page for updating your design on Visual Paradigm Online. After clicking the “Update flipbook” button, you can click the “Save” button for saving the document to the Visual Paradigm Online workspace. Afterward, your designed flipbook will be automatically updated and there is no need to republish the book again. This will save you time. It is an easy way to update your flipbook with just a click.

Review the updated flipbook

Finally, you can now review the flipbook that you have made changes on it. Your designed flipbook has been updated to the newest version of the design on Visual Paradigm Online. You can reload the page for viewing the updated version of your designed flipbook.

How to Update Document's Changes to Flipbook?