In Visual Paradigm Online, you can create flipbooks easily with this online design tool. There are dozens of flipbook temples designed for you to customize and to create your own designs. You can feel free to create different kinds of flipbooks like photo books, menus, reports, and presentations with various pages that you want. It is an easy-to-use tool for everyone to use. You can design your own books on each of the pages and preview the design with our preview tools. Instead of creating your own books with the free design tool on Visual Paradigm Online, you can also upload files and export the files as flipbooks. Visual Paradigm Online supports more than 40 formats of files that you can easily upload the files and turn into flipbooks. This is a tutorial for guiding you on how to successfully upload an excel file to become a flipbook. You can watch the attached video or read through the guide below.

Click on My flipbooks

Before uploading your excel file, you can first go to “My Flipbooks” in your Visual Paradigm Online account. The flipbooks that you have been uploading will be listed out all automatically. After that, you can click on the “choose file” button on the top right corner of the page. And you can now start uploading your excel file.

Choose your file and open it

After clicking the button of “open file”, a window of your device will then automatically appear, you can now choose your excel file on your device. After choosing the excel file, you can click open for uploading that file you selected.

How to upload an Excel file to Become a Flipbook

Preview the document and publish it

The excel file you selected will then be converted into flipbooks, you can now preview the whole document by flipping each of the pages and have a check of each page. After that, you can then click on the “publish” button for publishing your document as a flipbook in Visual Paradigm Online.


Read the book in Flipbook Library

Finally, your uploaded document will be published in flipbook library. You can now feel free to read though the book by flipping the pages of the book in the library. You can even share your published flipbook through link, QR code, or other social media to the public easily.