What Is Impact of Technology on Kids?

Children in the past had very little exposure to high technologies, so everyone’s childhood came from a pit and a hill. Most of their learning resources come from parents and teachers. When they grow up, children will learn from their friends or classmates.

Nowadays, children will be exposed to too many high-tech things, information technology changes with each passing day, TV, computer and other electronic products, children spend more and more time on TV.

On campus, I saw very young children with cell phones, texting on WhatsApp or Messengers. These actions caused a lot of controversy.


New Technologies – Good or Bad to Kids?

The impact of technology on children is huge. There are good aspects and bad aspects. In the bad aspects, I hope that parents can stop them, take their children out on rest days and get more exposure to nature.

The older generation think that these high-tech things rob children of their innocence. Some people believe that science and technology will bring more knowledge to children, then what impact does science and technology have on children?

If you are interested in this topic, do some research and share your ideas with your friends and community. Make an amazing infographic showing what you found.