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Extended Reading: What is National Hugging Day?

National Hugging Day is a holiday celebrated annually on January 21st in the United States. The purpose of National Hugging Day is to encourage people to show affection, kindness, and love to those around them by giving hugs.

The holiday was created in 1986 by Kevin Zaborney, who wanted to promote the idea that hugging is a simple and effective way to show love and affection to others. He believed that hugs have the power to boost happiness, reduce stress, and improve overall well-being, and that everyone could benefit from a little more hugging in their lives.

National Hugging Day is celebrated in various ways, including hugging friends, family members, and strangers. Some people also organize events, such as group hugs or hug-a-thons, to celebrate the holiday and raise awareness about the benefits of hugging.

It is important to note that while hugging can be a great way to show affection and support, it is also important to respect personal boundaries and only give hugs to those who are comfortable with physical contact. Additionally, it’s essential to practice good hygiene and wash your hands regularly, especially during the current pandemic, to protect yourself and others from the spread of illness.