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What do people do during pride month?

Pride Month is an annual celebration of the LGBTQ+ community, their history, culture, and achievements. It is celebrated in June in many parts of the world and is marked by a variety of events and activities.

Some common activities during Pride Month include:

  1. Pride Parades and Marches: These events are usually the highlight of Pride Month, where members of the LGBTQ+ community and allies come together to celebrate and show their support. The parades and marches are often accompanied by music, dancing, and colorful costumes.
  2. Community Gatherings: Many local LGBTQ+ organizations and community centers host gatherings, picnics, and other social events during Pride Month. These events provide an opportunity for members of the community to come together and celebrate.
  3. Art and Culture Events: Pride Month also provides an opportunity to showcase LGBTQ+ art, films, and other cultural events. Many theaters, museums, and galleries organize exhibitions and screenings of LGBTQ+ works.
  4. Activism and Advocacy: Pride Month is also a time for activism and advocacy. Many organizations use this month to raise awareness about issues affecting the LGBTQ+ community and to advocate for their rights.
  5. Fundraisers: Many organizations also hold fundraising events during Pride Month to support LGBTQ+ causes and initiatives.

Overall, Pride Month is a time for celebration, community-building, and advocacy for LGBTQ+ rights and equality.