In Visual Paradigm Online, you can apply different sketch effects to all the artworks in our library for you to create something awesome design. This video can show you how to quickly apply sketch style in your design.

Quickly apply sketch style

Turn your shapes into pencil sketch drawings. There are different patterns to give you choice and apply to your design. Adjust each design with our visual design tool to get the perfect effect to match your design.

  1. When editing your design, you can select an element, and press Sketch from the context toolbar, to bring up the sketch panel.

  2. You can click on the sketch style to apply it to your selected element. Here have 14 types of sketch styles, everything from Hachure, solid, zigzag, cross hatch, dashed, and zigzag line, are right at your fingertips.

    Quickly apply sketch style

Adjust detail

  1. If you want to design the sketch style element in more detail, you can go to Format Panel, Style, and press the “More Options” after the “Sketch” button to further customize the sketch style.

    After selecting patterns, you can adjust each of their options with our visual design tool to get the perfect effect to match your design.


All the artworks in our library are customizable. After applying the sketch style, it also is fully customizable and scalable.
You can use sketch style on your designs without pixelation or quality loss, also break down the illustration into separate objects to edit or re-color each one accordingly to your design.

Some of the artwork when you apply sketch effects and overlap them will become a good result.