Flipbook maker of VP Online allows you to create and display it in an interesting way. As it is named “flipbook”, we can flip the page just like we are reading an entity book. In order not to let the browser interfere with the pleasure of reading a flipbook, we can choose to read it in full screen.

How To Read A Flipbook In Full Screen

After entering the page of the flipbook, we can see that there are a toolbar below the book. On the right of it, there is a button called ” Full Screen”.
Click it and then you will enter the full screen mode.

Read A Flipbook In Full Screen

If you want to exit full screen mode, there are 2 ways for you:

  1. Press [Esc] by the keyboard.
  2. A cross button will come out if you move your mouse to the top of the screen. Click it to exit.

How To Flip The Page Of The Book

As mentioned above, flipping the page of the book is an important characteristic of the tool. There are different ways for you to “Flip” the pages.

  1. Press the corner of the book to control the movement of the page
  2. Click the corner or the arrow on both 2 sides to flip it automatically.