Social media has always been a great platform for people to share their daily lives and memories, and photos are one of the common media used in these posts. Besides posting a photo directly, there are many ways to decorate or edit it to make it look better. For example, adding decorations and text to it, adding frames to it, or you can group them and display them as a small collection.

In this case, when we want to display a lot of photos together, putting them in a photo collage is a good choice. Manage the collage into different sizes and place them on top according to the importance of the photos.

How To Resize The Cells In A Classic Collage

In a classic collage, cells are divided by different grids. The composition of the grid controls the size of the cells. In this case, we can manage the location of the grids to resize the cells in it.

When we point to the grid, they will shown in green lines. Press it and move it vertically or horizontally, then we will find that the cells linking with this grid will also change together.
As the changes of the grid will affect all cells linking with it, you can try to point to the grids for observing the composition of the grid and cell, then find the grid that can fulfill your need before starting the edition.

Examples Of Templates With Photo Collage

Monochrome is used as the color theme of the design. Photo collage in the middle shows different pattern to fit the topic of the design.

Photo Collage template: Art Pattern Photo Collage (Created by Visual Paradigm Online's Photo Collage maker)

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Photo collage can also be used in a mood board to show the collection of photos in the same color theme or style. It helps us to tidy up our resources and display them in an artistic way.

Mood Board template: Love Denim Fashion Mood Board (Created by Visual Paradigm Online's Mood Board maker)

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It is also a good idea to create video thumbnail by photo collage. Different scenes in the video can be placed into different cells so that audience can quickly know that whether this video fit their needs or not before watching.

YouTube Thumbnail template: Healthy Cooking Meal YouTube Thumbnail (Created by Visual Paradigm Online's YouTube Thumbnail maker)

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More About Collage

Except resizing the cells by the grids, there are also many ways to edit a collage. Read the following articles to find more tips and skills on how to edit a collage:

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