When creating a document, you must choose a file format. The two most common file formats are PDF created by Adobe Systems and DOC/DOCX developed by Microsoft. Choosing between them can be challenging, especially in a business environment, as each format has its strengths and weaknesses.

Should I use DOC or PDF?

They also have similarities and differences, so choosing a single file format can be challenging. Here are some things to consider to help you choose a file format.


PDF is a better choice than DOC when it comes to choosing a document format that will help your documents look professional. You may receive many business or work-related documents in PDF format.

Company annual reports, contracts, prospectuses, invoices, etc. are often in pdf format. The main reason for this is that using PDFs is so efficient and effective that they are often used in a professional environment.

Anyone with a computer can produce a Word document or use the DOCX file format. Also, even when done well, they do not look as professional as PDF documents.


You usually have to make changes to a document before you can send it to readers before you can get the final version. The ability to edit a document is a key factor to consider when choosing a file format. PDF documents win again here because they are easy to edit. You can use the online free pdf editor to make changes to your documents.

You can also use a program for opening documents, such as Adobe Reader, to make changes. When a client or supervisor asks you to make changes to various documents (which can be very specific), you can use PDF for editing instead of DOC files.


You will often receive documents and files in different file formats. You must convert them to the file format that best suits the intended recipient or the intended recipient’s requirements.

You may receive a DOC or PPT file that cannot be converted to another file format because it is not compatible with the software on your device.

Converting a document to PDF is much easier than converting it to DOC, mainly because you need proprietary software (i.e. Microsoft Office or Word) to do this. You can convert almost any document type to PDF, including PowerPoint files. The ability to convert documents makes PDF a better file format than DOC.

File size

Due to the increased speed of the Internet, file size is not as important as it once was. However, when working with many documents, size does matter and it is best to choose a file format that takes up as little space as possible.

There is no way to reduce the file size of the DOC/DOCX format. PDF, on the other hand, offers file size reduction, which is an important feature when formatting documents. Therefore, PDF is the best format if you are sharing files through a size-restricted platform. You can compress files to make them easy to share with anyone on any platform.


Document security is of paramount importance, especially in business and professional environments. A large number of document leaks throughout history proves this. Therefore, when choosing a file format, you should carefully consider which is more secure.

You can set passwords for both DOC and PDF file formats. However, this is easier to do with PDF than with DOCX files. The encryption of a PDF file is secure, which means you can share it with multiple people and across platforms.

Easy to create

Sometimes you need to create a document quickly and send it to a client or work manager. So you need a file format that you can start, enter details and send quickly. If you are using Windows, the DOC/DOCX format is the easiest format to create.

You can easily find them in the start menu, open them and enter the information with one click. PDF files are slightly more complex and challenging, especially if you want to create a simple document and send it quickly. However, if you don’t have Windows, the PDF format is the best choice.


When creating documents for business or work, you need a completely reliable document format. The PDF file format is very reliable because you can be sure that the data will be exactly as you see it, no matter which program you use to open the file.

With DOC/DOCX files, the data may vary from software to software. If you do not have a valid Microsoft license, the file may not open at all.

The battle between PDF and DOC file formats is a common one and often boils down to personal preference. However, when comparing security, reliability, ease of creation, professionalism, convertibility, and editing ability, PDF is definitely the better choice.

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