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Poster template: Simple World Smile Day Poster (Created by Visual Paradigm Online's Poster maker)

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How do people celebrate World Smile Day?

World Smile Day was created by Harvey Ball, a commercial artist who is credited with creating the smiley face symbol in 1963. He created World Smile Day in 1999 as a way to ensure that the smiley face, which he felt had become too commercialized, would continue to be used to promote acts of kindness and goodwill.

To celebrate World Smile Day, people can do a variety of things to spread positivity and make others smile. Some examples include:

  • Performing random acts of kindness, such as buying coffee for a stranger or leaving a note of encouragement for a coworker.
  • Sharing uplifting messages on social media, such as quotes or photos that inspire positivity.
  • Participating in charity events or volunteering at a local organization.
  • Smiling and saying hello to strangers or engaging in friendly conversation with someone who looks like they could use a pick-me-up.
  • Hosting a party or event that encourages people to laugh, smile, and have a good time.

World Smile Day is a great opportunity to spread kindness and positivity, and it’s a reminder that sometimes the simplest things, like a smile or a kind word, can have a big impact on someone’s day.