What to do this Halloween?

The spooky season is upon us! Have you started planning family Halloween activities to celebrate the best October of your life? Apart from hanging out for “Trick-o-Treat”, there are plenty of fun activities you can do together. Here is a list of examples you can follow;

Why would need to send out an invitation?

Whether you are doing a ghost tour, or you are simply hosting a Halloween Spooky Feast at home, you will always need to send out an invitation to make sure everyone knows that event will actually happen! The invitation will not only provide your receiver the time, venue, date, and dress code but also the tone of the event. So that, the participants will know what to expect that day. Moreover, as you jot down the guest name on each of the invitation cards, it will re-establish a connection with them, instead of simply sharing the information on your social media. And if your invitation card is appealing enough, your participant maybe keep the card as a memory too!

What makes an ideal Halloween Invitation?

  1. Keep it Simple
    Make sure your design is simple and not stifled by too many design elements. If there is too much information on a card, the design can look cluttered and hard to read. Always leave some space between text or images so the reader isn’t overwhelmed with too much information.
  2. Have a Consistent Color Scheme
    Ensure that design elements have a uniform color scheme. Orange, black, green, and purple are typical colors for the Halloween season. When creating a card, you can simply choose two colors as the main theme. This will make your design look more uniform, consistent and visually appealing. Remember that each color has its own meaning, and when designing invitations, it can help you determine the type of invitation.
  3. Distinctive Visual Style
    Invitations often come in a wide variety of designs and styles. These designs choose the photographs, colors, font, and other elements that go into the invitation’s general layout. In terms of Halloween season, there are a wide variety of visual elements you can choose from such as skulls & pumpkin graphics, realistic rusty texture, bloody font…etc. Finding your visual style early on is crucial, as you can focus on fewer elements.

Here are some awesome Halloween invitation designs created with VP Online Editor!

Halloween Costume Party Invitation

Kids Halloween Party Invitation

Halloween Kids Party Invitation

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