Do you have any experience in running your social media? It could be fun at the beginning but it doesn’t work like that for business owners. In fact, it takes a lot of time and energy to log in to multiple social media accounts, write posts for each account, and schedule those posts throughout the week.

Managing multiple social media accounts can simply be chaos for many small businesses with few employees. Hence, many small businesses are turning to social media management platforms that allow them to make their social media planning much easier. Check out the top 5 social media management tools here now!

Sprout Social

Sprout Social has the convenience of being an excellent platform for businesses to try out for free on a long-term basis. Sprout Social allows you to manage up to 10 social media accounts in one place. Draft, schedule, queue and post messages to social media from one easy-to-use compose window. It also has a universal social block, a social content calendar, response rate and analytic time reports, a Twitter hashtag analysis tool, and many other valuable tools.

Top 5 Social Media Management Tools

The simple interface for analyzing posts and campaigns allows you quickly find out which groups are most interested in your posts and quickly adjust your strategy accordingly.


Hootsuite is one of the best analytics tools because it offers the most comprehensive social media monitoring and analytics tool on the market, including customizable reports and productivity reports for teams so that everyone on your team can stay on track all the time. Hootsuite allows you to manage 10 social network profiles in one place. You can make an unlimited number of appointments, but only one user can make them. Team Plan is available for up to three users and can manage up to 20 community profiles in one place.

More importantly, you can customize the analytics you want, such as demographics and geographic location, and reply to your customers with instant notifications seamlessly.


Zoho allows you to publish and schedule posts on multiple platforms, access to aggregated reports and analytics, integration with Bitly and URL shortening. Under both standard and professional packages, you can increase team member access to the platform with a small additional fee.

The free package has limited functionality but it still allows multiple posts to be posted simultaneously. Zoho also offers social media software for organisations managing more than 10 different brands under one platform.


Loomly is the best pick for big cooperates as it offers complete projects for groups of up to 30 people. While each package includes key features such as targeting, visualizations, automatic publishing and analysis, hence it is more than simply tacking down your social media platform. As itwill suggest the perfect time to send your message, so that you and your brand get attention at the right time, it is the most ideal tools for establishing your successful brand.


Buffer is the ideal option for Kickstarter business as it offers a free package that is allows one user access up to 3 social channels. While paying an additional $5 per month, users can upgrade to the “Team Pack,” which offers an unlimited number of social channels and users.

Buffer also includes a browser extension, access to mobile apps, two-factor authentication, social and email support, and access to the Buffer community.

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