We like to record different moments by taking pictures. However, it is not easy to take a good photo without any equipment or preparation. In this case, filters are useful tools that can help us improve the quality of our photos.

How To Touchup The Photos With Filters

After selecting the photos, we can see a section called “Filters” under panel-Style.
Unlike the filter templates provided above, we can edit the effect of the photo by adjusting the values.

Show all options by clicking “More Option“.

Move the point on the bars to control the filters on the photo.
If you think the result is not the one you want, press ” Reset ” on the top right corner and it will go back to the original setting.

Hints When Adding Filters

We usually have specific color theme for different design. Filter is very useful if the color tone of the photo is totally different from the color theme of the design.
On the bar Overlay, choose the color that fit the color theme of the design, then we can tune the color tone of the photo to match with the design.

     Touch Up A Photo With Filters