Have you ever wondered how to convert a PDF into an eBook? Or how to read a PDF document as if you are reading a flipbook? These are the flipbook examples that show you how to turn PDF into a digital flipbook with an amazing reading experience. You can also make use of Visual Paradigm’s PDF flipbook maker to convert and share your document privately with specific people, or publicly with everyone. This video will show you how to upload PDF files to become a flipbook in VP Online.

Follow these 3 simple steps to create an online flipbook from PDF with just a few clicks:

  1. You can go to My Books, upload a PDF, to convert a PDF file into a flipbook. Publish your digital PDF flipbook to our website, either publicly or privately, as your own choice.

  2. You can immediately preview your flipbook when the conversion is done.

    Upload PDF file to become a flipbook

  3. By pressing Publish button, you can then organize your flipbook into the bookshelf, and further share it with your readers. You can display your catalog on social networks or send it via email to share it with your targeted audience.