Beside being the most versatile document format.  PDF file can also be used as a presentation medium.  We know we can convert PDF into various document formats and vice visa.  But PDF can also be converted into a flipbook.  That’s right you can convert your static PDF document into an interactive Flipbook.  This will provide viewers with more exciting experience.

Publish as Flipbook And Share with others

Turning your PDFs into Flipbook is extremely easy with VP Online Free PDF Editor.  You can even customize the book before you publish it and share it with the world.  Here is a quick guide to show you how you can turn your PDF into an amazing Flipbook.

Follow these steps to get started.

  1. Login to your workspace or sign up for a new account here.
  2. Upload your PDF file
  3. Edit or Customize your PDF file
  4. Head over to the Flipbook option at the top
  5. Select Preview Flipbook.  Here you can review and preview outcome of the Flipbook.
  6. Once you are satisfy with the flipbook. Click the Share button to Publish the book.  Other wise click Close to further modify the PDF.
  7. Congratulations! You have published your Flipbook and you can now embed, share via link or email to everyone.

VP Online Free PDF Editor is not just your regular PDF Editor  It is an all in one PDF editor where you can edit, customize your PDFs with effects, artwork, illustrations and more.   You can even turn your PDFs into Flipbooks.  How fun is that?!  Be sure to check out VP Online Free PDF Editor today.

Convert PDF to other Formats

In VP Online Free PDF Editor, we are also able to convert PDF to other formats.
Enter the Tool by pressing Explore All PDF Tools or visit

Tools are divided into 3 groups, including: PDF Editing Tools, Convert from PDF and Convert to PDF.
Select Convert from PDF.

We can then start our conversion!