Stories define our world. From the cave walls to the legends around the campfire, they have been with us ever since we had communication. They evolve, but for the same purpose: to entertain, to share the same experiences, to teach and to follow traditions.

What is a Customer Journey

Why Study a Customer Journey?

Many organizations are focused on collecting user data. However, data often fails to clearly convey a user’s frustration and experience, but stories can solve this problem. Storytelling is not only a tool to engage users, but also an effective way for organizations to get to know their users better. One of the best storytelling tools in business is the customer itinerary.

What is a Customer Journey

What Is the Customer Journey Map?

A customer journey map (also known as customer experience map) tells the story of the user experience: from initial contact, contract formation, to a long-term partnership. It can focus on specific parts of the story or give a full picture of the full experience.

A customer experience map is always identifying the key interaction behavior of users and organizations. It tells the user’s feelings, motivations and problems with each touch points related to the organization.

  • It often tells us about the perception of the user’s stronger motivation.
  • What do they want to achieve? What are their expectations for the organization?

Customer journey maps are in various forms, but usually represent some kind of information map. The goal, regardless of form, is the same: to make organizations more aware of their users.

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