We usually send greeting cards on the birthday of our friends, and in different festival such as Christmas and Easter. In fact, instead of these special days, we can send greeting cards anytime we want, as “thank you” is also a reason you send the card.

Try to discover the kindness surrounding us, say “thank you” to the one who help you or stand by your sides. Spread happiness and build a better world together. Here are 10 examples of thank you card in different style. Try to pick the one you like and design a greeting card for the one you love.


1 – Thank You Card

Sometimes, typography can also be the key vision of the design. As shown in the image, the design is consisted in the title, several brush stroke icons and rectangular outlines. Characters are in different colour so that the design looks stylish. As there is no icons or photos, it can be widely used in different situation.

Greeting Card template: Thankyou Card 2 (Created by Visual Paradigm Online's Greeting Card maker)

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2 – Thanks To Parents

Here is a thank you card from a pairs of daughters to their mother. The words” Thank you Mum” is shown on the top of the card, while the photo of the girls are shown at the bottom. Frames are used to resize the photo in order to match the design of the card (they are all in shapes of clouds). The whole design in in the same colour so that it looks comfortable.

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3 – Cute Graphics

If you are going to give a card to a children, colourful graphics will be a good choice for you. Just as this card created by animals graphic in red and orange colour tone. The whole design looks bright and fun. Using the elements that children usually like to show your thanks to them!

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4 – Thanks For Donation

Sometimes if you have do some action to help or support other, you may also receive a greeting cards. Just as the below greeting card showing the thanks from the “bear” as you have donate to organization that protecting bears. Try to thank the people help us to let them know that you know what they are doing and show your thanks to them.

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5 – Thanks For Staying With Me

When designing a thank you card, especially for those who have a message like “Thank you for staying with me”, you can try to add paired graphics, because they can be used to represent you and those who support you. Just like the small boats in this greeting card, they are pieced together on the waves created by curves. Even if the waves are strong, they are still closed to each other.

10 Collections Of Thank You Cards

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6 – Thanks With Bouquet

When we want to thank someone, sometimes we may also plan to give him/her a bouquet. However, there may be different problems such as the whether, pollen and also insects. In this case, why don’t you group them together and send a greeting card with the design of a bouquet?

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7 – Thanks With Homophone & Near-Phonetic Characters

It is interesting to write down our thanks in homophone or near-phonetic characters, and then design based on the new words. Just as the following greeting card. With the words “thank you beary much”, we can really see a graphic of teddy bear on the design. It will be a fun design for kids and friends.

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8 – Design With Gradient

Colour gradient is a common design skills using in different categories, including. With a background in gradient colour, we just need to write down our thanks and add some simple graphics. A professional greeting card is then completed and well-prepared to be sent to our friends. You can also try to customize it now.

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9 – Elegant With Lines And Words

If you want to present your thanks to adults or someone you respect, it is unsuitable to give them cards in fun or cute design. In this case, you need the greeting cards look elegant or formal. Just as this greeting card creating with hand-writing words and lines. You can also add other words or quotes to fit your needs.

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10 – Simple And Casual

In the case you do not want to be too formal, changing the font size and add a little graphic can help you to create a thank you card in different style. As shown in the following card, it is also mainly consisted in lines and words. With different font and the heart in the middle, it looks warm and casual.

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