Greeting cards are a friendly way of communication between people, which can convey blessings. Today, I will introduce some essential knowledge of greeting card design. We will show you how to design a greeting card in your own style. From birthday cards, thank you cards to various festive postcards, we provide suitable fonts, patterns, and illustrations selection techniques, and create professional-grade layouts for the cards.

4 Tips to design an eye-catching greeting card

When we use Greeting Cards

Greeting cards are a versatile and popular form of communication, often used to convey sentiments, celebrate special occasions, and express emotions. Greeting cards serve as a meaningful way to connect with others, and also be utilized for business purposes. Here are 5 common uses of greeting cards:

  1. Birthdays: Birthday cards are one of the most popular uses of greeting cards. They are a thoughtful way to celebrate someone’s special day and convey birthday wishes. Birthday cards can come in various styles, from humorous to sentimental, and may include personalized messages, well wishes, and even small gifts or vouchers.
  2. Holidays: Greeting cards are often used to celebrate holidays such as Christmas, New Year, Valentine’s Day, Easter, and more. These cards may feature festive designs, seasonal greetings, and expressions of joy and goodwill. Holiday cards are a traditional way to send warm wishes to loved ones during the holiday season.
  3. Anniversaries: Anniversary cards are used to celebrate milestones in relationships, such as wedding anniversaries, work anniversaries, or other significant events. These cards may express sentiments of love, appreciation, and congratulations, and can be customized to reflect the unique relationship or achievement being honored.
  4. Thank You: Greeting cards can be used to express gratitude and appreciation. Thank you cards are often sent to express thanks for gifts, acts of kindness, support, or gestures of goodwill. They can be personalized with heartfelt messages to convey sincere appreciation and gratitude.
  5. Business Purposes: Greeting cards can also be utilized for professional purposes. They can be sent to clients, customers, or colleagues to express appreciation, congratulate on achievements, celebrate business milestones, or extend holiday greetings. Business greeting cards can help foster and maintain relationships, promote goodwill, and show professionalism.

Tips to design an eye-catching greeting card

1. Greeting card layout design

Combining a clear message with a single picture or pattern on the front of the card, the best greeting card can be simple and eye-catching. A bold color palette, eye-catching fonts, and visually appealing design elements definitely help the card stand out. Remember, most of our recommendations stem from putting yourself in the cardholder’s position. For example, some designers might assume that all cards sent to men should use darker, more masculine colors.

2. Choose font

The most important thing in the entire card is your message. Therefore, it is a good idea to consider which font to match the tone and style.

Greeting cards are generally informal (unless they are designed for company line numbers), and hand-drawn or handwritten styles will make the cards look more personal and intimate. Make sure you have chosen hand-drawn fonts that are easy to read.

The following birthday card fonts are widely loved:

Light Blue Baby And Cakes Photo Birthday Greeting Card

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This card uses hand-drawn fonts to add a personal touch.

In addition, the sans-serif font is less formal than the serif font, and it can bring a stylish and modern appearance to the card. It is suitable for birthday cards, thank you cards, and festive cards.

Here are some popular sans-serif font greeting cards:

Vintage Teacher’s Day Greeting Card

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Floral Appreciation Greeting Card

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Calligraphy and writing styles are also suitable for greeting cards, and the effect is very beautiful. Especially for festive or engagement greeting cards, this type of card needs a more special or romantic effect.

Here are a few writing styles font type greeting cards:

Rose Valentine’s Day Greeting Card

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Silver Wedding Anniversary Greeting Card

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3. Color matching

The carefully selected color combination can make the greeting card design look more professional and determine the style and atmosphere.

Birthday card, anniversary card, and thank you card

These cards are to celebrate happy events, so positive, bright colors can help present a suitable style. Please refer to the following instructions for color matching suitable for birthday cards and thank you cards:

Neon colors-bright neon colors are very suitable to create a party atmosphere.

Medieval tones – soft pink and green can bring a retro and cozy feeling to the card. These colors combined with illustrations work very well, just like the example in the picture below.

Go Wild Birthday Celebration Greeting Card

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Festive card

Each festival has its own color, like the red and green combination of Christmas. However, it does not need to be limited to these specific color combinations. Consider using the following colors to create a festive atmosphere:

Gem tone-rich colors such as emerald, blue-green, and ruby ​​bring depth and a special festive atmosphere to the festive theme cards.

Metallic tones—Although metallic ink is more expensive to use on paper cards, on special occasions, metallic tones can make the card look more attractive. Try to set the writing body to gold, silver, or bronze to add special effects.

Here is some example for gem tone and metallic tones greeting cards:

Great Christmas Collage Greeting Card

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Children Christmas Celebration Greeting Card

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Condolence and speedy recovery card

This type requires the use of more formal and low-key colors. The following shades can be considered:

Soft tones-soft and gentle tones have a calm and gentle feeling, suitable for matching flower pictures.

Warm colors-pink, orange and yellow are all soothing and warm colors that can bring soothing effects to the card design.

2-Colour Get Well Soon Greeting Card

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4. Design and choose greeting card pictures

The styles of the cards are varied and dazzling, so it takes a little effort to choose the best card-style pictures for you.

A photo can be used as an independent picture on the front of the card, and the effect is very good.

World Whiskey Day Greeting Card

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In addition, black-and-white animal, plant, and landscape images used on traditional cards are both classic and eye-catching.

Get Well Soon Flower Greeting Card

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Illustrated pictures are the most common card design nowadays. Hand-drawn patterns, animals, or characters help convey a cool and modern atmosphere.

Lion 1st Birthday Card

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