1. Cinematic Mode

There’s nothing as romantic as looking back the old good days. Make use of the cinematic frame and insert your old time photo just like you are both living inside the theatre! Come celebrate all the time you have spend together!

  • Chose a cute frameEspecially circle or semi-circle frame these shape where you usually see in front of the 1980s cinema entrance!
  • Use an old time photoLooking back the past memory especially your first date to remind you and your partner at the old time sweetness.
  • Add blurry or overlay effectThese effect will create a charming vibe that draws all the attention!

(Valentine Celebration Greeting Card – Edit now)

2. Living to present…

Valentine card doesn’t always have to be pink! You can make use of any positive elements such as sun flower to send out positive vibe and even invite your partner to a date!

(Yellow Daisy Photo Valentines Day Gift Card – Edit now)

(Orange Sunset Photo Valentines Day Gift Card – Edit now)

3. Take It Easy

Not every thing has to be so complicated right? Love is simple as sending her that secret quote that only you and her know! Make sure you add two graphic character inside to starred as your characters. It could like sweet fruit, bread or you can even add both of your icon inside!

(Valentine’s Day Pear Card- Edit now)

(Bread Valentine’s Day Card- Edit now)

4. Send a Romantic Voucher

The most straight forward way of presenting your love….is of course send her a VOUCHER! Create that special voucher as a passage for her to access your asset. This is a generous and elegant way to share your love. Come give her a surprise!

(Boutique Valentine Discount Gift Card – Edit now)

5. Just Go Pink

If it is hard to think of any special design, why not just go pink? The most representative elements of valentine is chocolate, pink and flowers! Pick any design from use that includes any of these elements, keep it simple and sweet.

(Valentine Quote Greeting Card – Edit now)

(Pink Floral Photos Happy Valentines Day Gift Card- Edit now)