5 Tips on designing top selling greeting cards

With millions of greeting cards out in the market it’s hard to stand out from the crowd. But we want to offer you some tips on how your greeting cards can get noticed.

    1. Stay in trend.  Try to create designs for in-demand topics. These could be popular occasions like Birthday, Sympathy, Thank you, Wedding, Get Well and Congratulations. These topics are in demand all year long and you can’t go wrong with any of the popular topics. Here are some dates for your references while creating your next greeting card.
      • Halloween – Sept. 18th
      • Veterans Day – Oct. 2nd
      • Thanksgiving – Oct. 9th
      • Hanukah – Oct. 23rd
      • Christmas – Nov. 6th
      • New Years – Nov. 26th

Check out these amazing greeting cards created by Visual Paradigm Online.

Edit this Xmas Greeting Card with Visual Paradigm Online

Edit this Greeting Card with Visual Paradigm Online

Edit this Birthday Card with Visual Paradigm Online

  1. Specify your target audience.  It’s easier to stay focus on a group of specific audience. Your message will be more meaningful to the targeted group instead of to the general public. Also your message will be more personalized to the specific group. Here are some sample groups:
    • Babies and children
    • Teens
    • Boys of all ages
    • Men of all ages

    Edit this Cute baby card with Visual Paradigm Online

  2. Develop a strong theme.  Anyone can design a card but if you want your greeting card to stand out then you need to make sure the card has a strong theme. Audience will be more attracted to pick up a card that is screaming originality to them. With a strong theme your card will stand out from the others since readers will sense that level of confidence in the designer.

    Edit this colorful Easter card with Visual Paradigm Online

    Edit this elegant card with Visual Paradigm Online

  3. Think outside the box.  Traditional greeting cards can be portrait a certain way, however you can always think outside the box. Play with the layout of the card, using the whole card to test out your design. Step out of the boundary. Move the text around the card to create different viewing angles. One important note it’s to always remember the text elements of the greeting card. The message should be clear and easy to read.
    Edit this creative card with Visual Paradigm Online

    Edit this photo collage card with Visual Paradigm Online

  4. Why so serious?  Who said greeting cards has to be serious? It doesn’t! Keep it fun, and chill if it suits your topic. Don’t be afraid to add some humour into your greeting cards. A joke or two will keep the card light and easy to read. After all you want to put a smile on your audience, what’s better than a funny joke to make that happen?!

    Edit this funny card with Visual Paradigm Online

    Edit this fun greeting card with Visual Paradigm Online