The theme of World Environment Day 2020 is biodiversity. In response to the recent outbreak of various environmental disasters, locust plagues from Africa, as well as forest fires in the Amazon, Indonesia, Russia, Siberia, Australia and other surrounding areas, the global epidemic has not subsided, indicating that ecosystems are not only closely related to human survival, but also face a severe test.

  • What exactly is biodiversity?
  • What is the impact of reduced biodiversity on humans?
  • Why was it rated by the United Nations as the most important issue of the year?

The Importance of Biodiversity

Biodiversity has long provided people with food, medicine, building materials, clothing, chemical materials and a variety of substances in life, are provided by all kinds of organisms, human beings enjoy the diversity of values and results brought by biodiversity.

Moreover, with more species in the ecosystem, the ecosystem is less likely to undergo significant environmental changes due to the change of a few species, and the maintenance of biodiversity can maintain the stability and balance of the ecosystem.

It turns out that all the water, food and medicine we need in our daily life are actually supported and provided by biodiversity.

Infographic template: What World's Species Are Facing Infographic (Created by Visual Paradigm Online's Infographic maker)