Do we use PDF or PDF/ A?

What is PDF/A?

A subset of PDFs called PDF/A is used to keep digitally created documents safe for a very long time. To learn more regarding the characteristic of PDF/A you can visit here. Although both formats PDF/A and PDF are good for conserving, you need to be able to distinguish the differences between PDF/A and PDF for a better usage.  In fact, comparing PDF/A to PDF, there are a lot of obvious differences between the two and we will be understanding these differences in this article right now!

What are the differences?

The limits of a certain type of material are the first significant and obvious distinction between PDF and PDF/A. Audio, video and executable files cannot be submerged. This kind of content-containing PDF/A file cannot be opened by PDF viewers. Additionally, no one is certain to introduce new software or tools that provide you access to these kinds of PDF A files.

Encryption is another obvious feature that is unavailable in PDF/A file type. Yes, files and documents in this format cannot be encrypted. However, PDF supports a variety of encryptions and limits. By specifying the user and owner passwords for your PDF document, you may make it more secure. Setting limitations on printing and copying content from your PDF is another form of protection.

How to turn a PDF into a PDF/A?

There are many PDF to PDF/A converters on the market, but you should use “any kind” of the converter as your online security is also at stake. Therefore, we advise utilizing the VP Online Free PDF Converter, which is a great converter that offers speedy conversion of your PDF into a variety of formats, including PDF/A. You may quickly and easily convert PDF to PDF/A with VP Online Editor.