Pizza is an Italian-style dish, usually made from fermented wheat dough, with a flat round bottom covered with tomatoes, cheese and various other ingredients (e.g. anchovies, mushrooms, onions, olives, pineapples, meat, etc.) and then traditionally baked at high temperatures in a wooden oven.

In Italy, pizza is available on formal occasions (e.g. in restaurants) without thin slices, but with knives and forks. However, on occasional occasions, it is cut into wedges and eaten by hand. A small pizza is sometimes called a pizzetta. A person who makes pizza is known as a pizzaiolo.

Anyone who says that money cannot buy happiness has clearly never spent their money on pizza. – Andrew W.K.

Here Are Some Fun Facts About Pizza:

  • Every second in the U.S. 350 pizza slices are eaten.
  • During the Super Bowl, over 2 million pizzas are sold.
  • There are officially 18,703 pizza huts worldwide.
  • 36% of Americans eat pizza as a breakfast meal
  • The world’s biggest pizza prepared in Rome, Italy on 13 December 201 with a total surface area of 13,580.28 ft²
  • In Naples in the early 1500s the first pizza was believed to be invented.
  • Pizza is an industry of $37 billion

Facts About Pizza Infographic