It seems clear, with the abundant facts, that we should all be physically active. If you want to live a healthy and satisfying life in your old age, it is necessary. It is medically proven that people who do physical exercise on a daily basis, we get lower chance of up to:

  • 20% lower risk of breast cancer
  • 35% lower risk of coronary heart disease and stroke
  • 30% lower risk of early death
  • 50% lower risk of colon cancer
  • 50% lower risk of type 2 diabetes

Research found that children who are inactive are likely to become inactive adults and risk developing life-threats including heart failure and cancer. That is why exercise and health

from a young age are vital. Thus, we should try to reduce the occasions that children lie down and watch TV, play video games, sit in a pushchair, nap, eat unhealthy food.

Exercise is described as being physically active and exercising at a higher level than normal for the body, exercise increases your pulse rate and body temperature, here are the the benefits of exercising for Children:

  • enable your bones and muscles to strengthen
  • Improves the trust and belief of children
  • Read regarding the importance of preparation
  • Helps preserve their mental health
  • Your kid will become less overweight