With the development of technology, various electronic products have become the main channel for people to receive information. Our client, a worldwide toy company, is now looking for a way to present their products in an engaging and interactive way that would capture the public’s attention.

How a Toy Company increase Product Awareness and Engagement with Flipbook


Our client promoted their products with traditional catalogs for long period of time, which were expensive to print and distribute. They were also difficult to update.

We want to provide our customers with the most up-to-date information about our products.

Even when our client send catalogs to the public, people are reluctant to read them instead of digital devices if there is no engaging user experience for customers. Therefore, they need an attractive and flexible way to promote their toys.


After researching different options, our client would like to show their catalog in a digital way. There was a need for more engaging elements beyond simple images or documents. Our client found that flipbooks would allow them to create a digital catalog that was visually appealing and interactive, and which would help them to showcase their products in the best possible way.

Flipbook gave us new ideas for publicity.


With the help of the Flipbook Maker, our client was able to create a high quality digital catalog that was easy to navigate, provided an engaging user experience, and included interactive elements such as videos, animations, and links to their website, which helped promote the product and drive sales.

One of the main benefits of using a flipbook maker is the ability to easily update and edit the catalogs. This is especially useful when they want to introduce new products or update the prices. Our client is able to quickly and easily make changes to their catalog and post the updated version to the website and social media platforms.


As a result of using flipbooks to showcase their products, our client was able to better promote their company and products, and then drive their sales. Digital catalog received positive feedback from customers and helped our client to differentiate their products from competitors.

We no longer stress about how to update our information and the cost behind reprinting our catalog.

Adopting a flipbook maker helped our client to overcome the challenge of showcasing their products in an engaging and interactive way. It allowed them to create a high-quality digital catalog that helped to promote. By embracing this technology, our client was able to stay ahead of the curve and offer customers an innovative and engaging user experience.