Diving is the ideal place to be away from all the noise, pollution and trouble in the world. You immediately hear nothing but your own breathing into the water. There was no conversation, no ringing of the phone!

All contact was made by hand gestures. When you’re under the surface, you completely forget what’s happening on the surface, what’s keeping you occupied. It’s just you and how you feel about being underwater for an hour.

How Deep Can We Dive Infographic

What Is Deep Dive?

A deep dive is called any underwater dive with a depth greater than the general agreed dive operation. In deep diving, divers use a breathing apparatus (a supply of air carried on their backs). Or they may be supplied with breathing gas through a hose from above the water. In general, deep diving allows divers to venture more than 20 meters (60 feet) below the water surface. Deep-sea dive requires breathing gas to prevent oxygen toxicity that rely on special equipment and specialized preparation for these dives.

Fun Facts About Deep Dive

  • Deep sea dive can dive as deep as 130 feet (40 meters), according to the Professional Association of Diving Instructors.
  • An experimental Rolex watch depth rated to 12,000m
  • SCUBA stands for “Self contained underwater breathing apparatus”
  • Most people are afraid of drowning, but in fact, drowning is more difficult than you think because the human body is lighter than salt water.