Maintaining an accurate organizational chart that clearly depicts your company’s reporting structure and hierarchy is an important task. However, dedicated charting software can be expensive and complex to learn. This is where our free online mind mapping tool comes in so cleverly.

Our intuitive mind mapping software empowers you to efficiently create detailed organizational charts without the traditional obstacles. The simple drag-and-drop interface allows intuitive placement of boxes to represent teams, roles, departments and more – instantly visualizing any operational interactions. You’re able to appropriately demonstrate even intricate internal relationships through customized visual organization charts.

With our mind mapping software, you can easily design professional-looking organizational charts and structure diagrams without the learning curve or expense of traditional charting software. The intuitive interface allows you to simply add, connect, and arrange boxes representing different teams, departments, and roles to build out your organizational structure.

Visualize Your Company Structure: How Our Free Mind Map Tool Makes Organizational Chart Creation Easy

Some key benefits of using our free tool to create organizational charts and structure maps include:

  • Quickly visualize your company’s reporting relationships and hierarchy in an easy-to-understand visual format.
  • Collaborate in real-time with remote or in-office teams to populate and refine the chart structure together.
  • Export polished charts in high-resolution image formats like PNG or PDF to include in presentations, proposals, or on your company intranet/website.
  • Modify the design and layout on the fly as your organization evolves without the learning curve of specialist software.
  • Store unlimited charts in your secure online workspace and share access with other users.

As you can see, our free mind mapping tool streamlines the process of creating and updating organizational charts so you can focus more on strategic planning and less on administrative tasks. And best of all, it’s completely free to use with no restrictions.


Q: Is there a limit on the number of users or charts I can create?
A: No, our tool offers unlimited storage and collaboration capabilities for free. You can create as many charts and share access with as many teammates as you need.

Q: Can I export the charts to include in presentations or on our intranet?
A: Yes, you can easily export your charts as high-quality PNG or PDF images that are print-ready and presentation-friendly.

Q: What if my company structure changes? Is it easy to update the charts?
A: Absolutely. Our interface is very flexible, allowing you to drag and drop boxes representing roles or departments to quickly reflect any organizational adjustments without having to recreate the chart from scratch.

If you’re looking for an easy and free way to visualize, communicate, and work with your company’s organizational structure, try creating organizational charts with our powerful online mind mapping tool. You’ll be able to represent even complex reporting relationships in intuitive visual formats that are simple to update as your business evolves. Give it a try today!